Referral Program

Earn up to $528 per machine for referring a dispensary to NatuEra *

You can earn cash for referring
new dispensaries to NatuEra.

Get up to $528 for every
eligible Smart Kiosk referral. *

Complete the form to apply.

How it Works:

Step 1: Complete the referral form

Step 2:  If referral purchases a NatuEra Smart Kiosk within 90 days of registration, we will pay you a percentage of the net hardware and net software sales during 1 year. The percentage of sales is based on the following table:

Step 3: Continue receiving cash by referring new dispensaries

* Terms and Conditions:
1. Rebate applies to net hardware and net software revenue for 1 year
2. Rebate shall be paid 30 days after NatuEra receives payment from final customer
3. End User pricing is established by NatuEra. Prices may change from time to time
4. NatuEra employees and NatuEra Distributor employees may not participate
5. Opportunity must be registered at NatuEra’s Smart Vending website under the referall program. Only 1 registration per potential customer is allowed.
6. Referred account must close within 90 days of referral submission. If deal does not close in 90 days from date of registration, the dispensary will be reset (marked without referral).
7. Referrals will be qualified by NatuEra. NatuEra reserves the right to accept or reject the referral