About NatuEra and our Smart Vending Solution

NatuEra is focused on increasing access to cannabis & hemp through Smart Vending solutions.

As a fully licensed, vertically integrated, global cannabis & hemp company, with state-of-the-art GMP-certified facilities, we initially launched our Smart Vending Solutions as a proprietary farm-to-kiosk distribution model, designed to break into mass market retail with our own hemp-derived brands.

Now, we’re bringing this cutting-edge technology to cannabis vending.

NatuEra is a joint venture with Cronos Group (NASDAQ, TSX: CRON).

Our Smart Vending Solution will allow you to increase sales, reduce operational costs, engage customers, and expedite transactions, all with minimal staff requirements and custom hardware and software features designed for the cannabis and hemp industries.

  1. Increase your sales:

36% of cannabis users consume multiple times per day. These are your regulars.
However, people new to cannabis tend to take up a large portion of budtenders’ time.
Our Smart Vending Solution will expedite transactions for your regular, allowing you to make more sales per day and not lose business to other dispensaries due to slow service.
In addition, our 32” & 42” high res., eye-catching touchscreens with multimedia capabilities, will allow you market brands and products and run promotions to increase sell through.

And with our Platinum Software, you can generate more revenue by selling on-screen ads!

  1. Reduce operational costs:

The average company cost of a budtender in the US is $49,000 per year.

Our Smart Vending Solution helps to reduce this cost and other hiring and training expenses.

  1. Improve Customer Experience:

Improve service and save time for regular customers who already know what they like.

On average, customers spend 20 minutes on a Cannabis Dispensary.

A purchase on our Smart Vending Solution only takes between 2 and 5 minutes.

Your regulars will surely appreciate this easy-to-use express checkout option!

You’ll even attract new customers who are tired of slow service at other dispensaries.

  1. Engage customers:

Smart Vending Machines can be skinned with your brand or design of choice.

They also have 32” or 42” eye-catching touch screens with multimedia capabilities to display branding & marketing content, as well as an easy-to-use shopping experience.

These features will attract customers to the Smart Vending Solution and feature content to drive brand and product awareness, increase engagement and build brand loyalty.

  1. Security:

All of our Smart Vending Solutions are made of steel and have lock & key, to prevent product manipulation, protecting you from inventory shrink and cash theft.

  1. Omnichannel Experience:

Starting with the Platinum Software Version, your customers can order online through your dispensary’s e-commerce and pick up products at the Smart Vending Solution.

  1. Multiple Payment Options:
  • Contactless Payment Device: The Silver (CBD Only) Software Version is equipped with a contactless payment device that accepts major credit cards, debit cards, and contactless payment options (Apple Pay, Google-Pay, NFC).
  • PIN Debit device: For our Gold and Platinum Software Versions, customers can pay with a PIN Debit card.
  1. Regulatory Compliance:
  • Purchase Control & Reporting Requirements:

Our Gold and Platinum software versions connect to leading POS systems, allowing for the recording and reporting of amounts bought at the Smart Vending Machine, as may be required.

POS’s already integrated: Treez. In pipeline: Leaflogix (Dutchie). For new POS Integrations, POS’s must have an API to be integrated to our Smart Vending Solution. Integration Lead time: 90 days.

  • ID Verification:

All of our Smart Vending Solutions use ID & Age Verification with Facial Recognition Technology that verifies in real time that scanned ID’s are valid, that the person holding the ID is the same person making the purchase, and that the person doing the transaction is 21 years or older.

With the Buy & Rent model, customers purchase their own machine and rent software from NatuEra (under a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model) for a monthly fee.

SaaS means “software-as-a-service”. Under this model, NatuEra provides you a license to use its proprietary software to operate for a monthly fee during the contract term (1, 2, 3 or 5 years)

Choosing the right Smart Vending Solution

Yes, if you need a different size, other models are available and can be quoted.

If you require custom sizing, we can also provide a quote based on your needs.

For additional information, please ask a NatuEra representative or contact us at sales@natuera.com

No, our software versions have pre-defined functionality bundles.

Individual add-ons are not available at this time.

Although you might not be using one of the software features, we cannot offer a discount.

The Large machine can be fitted with refrigeration. There are also other larger custom machine options available that can be fitted with refrigeration units.

The Wallmount and Slim with Stand models cannot carry refrigeration units.

If you require refrigeration, please ask for a custom quote at sales@natuera.com

Ordering Process & Delivery Times

First, you’ll need to enter into a Pre-Order Agreement with NatuEra, under which you’ll confirm your interest in reserving a NatuEra Smart Vending Solution by making a Pre-Order Payment of $500 USD, which will be held as a deposit and credited to your purchase order, once placed.

Second, we’ll schedule a consultation meeting, where we’ll go over your particular business, POS system, and regulatory needs, and recommend the best solution for you. Here, you’ll select your machine model, software version, type of contract, and we’ll prepare a quote. 

Third, upon your sign off on the quote, we’ll send you a Purchase Order and a copy of our Master Service Agreement. Once these are executed and all advance payments are made, we’ll start manufacturing your Smart Vending Solution.

We are currently experiencing high demand for our Smart Vending Solution and lead times may increase. To reserve your Smart Vending Solution, you’ll need to place a Pre-Order Payment.

Our current lead time is 90 days from purchase order and contract signing. Customizations and some POS integrations may increase lead times. Please consult with a NatuEra representative by e-mailing us at sales@natuera.com

Payments & Discounts

Monthly payments are due upfront (i.e., within the first 5 business days of every month).

For hardware purchases we accept wire transfers only.

For SaaS software monthly fees we accept debit transfers and wire transfers.

Yes, our payment devices are equipped with high-level encryption security that ensures that your account and card are secure through a private network using high security standards.

You may change your contract to a longer period at any time. Upon doing so, you will automatically get the applicable discount for the remaining months of the new contract duration. Unfortunately, you will not be credited for any fees already paid.

Operating my Smart Vending Solution

Extra Staff is not required. On the contrary, the Smart Vending Solution is designed to lower your overhead by automating and expediting sales with minimal staff interaction.

Once manufactured per your specifications, your Smart Vending Solution will be delivered, installed, and configured to start selling immediately.

We’ll train your staff on how to manage and re-stock the Smart Vending Machine, which are the only minimal tasks you’ll have to perform (you already do this at a store level).

We’ll also train you to update product and/or pricing information remotely, from any device (laptop, tablet, mobile), in an easy-to-use cloud management console.

If you have the Platinum Software Version, you’ll be able to sell ads and run advertising and promotions from this same console.

NatuEra’s Smart Vending is an integrated solution specifically designed for the CBD and cannabis industries. Our software was developed to run on our state-of-the-art hardware components and is not compatible with other vending solutions.

Our software can be integrated with any POS System that has an API (Application Programming Interface). POS’s already integrated: Treez. In pipeline: Leaflogix (Dutchie). New POS Integration Lead time: 90 days. For more information please e-mail us at sales@natuera.com.

Standard machines are designed for indoor use, but they can be customized to be placed outdoors upon request. If you’re interested in a quote, please email us at sales@natuera.com

Please note that, generally, cannabis products can only be sold inside a licensed dispensary.

NatuEra Smart Vending Machines are equipped with 32” or 42” high resolution touch screens, capable of reproducing video and audio.

With the Advertising Module contained in the Platinum Software Version, you will be able to manage screen time and frequency of videos and images of the brands or products you want to advertise.

This screen time can be charged to the corresponding brands, generating additional revenue to your dispensary. These rates are an independent negotiation between the Dispensary and the Brand Owners.

Warranty & Maintenance

When you purchase a Smart Vending Machine it includes a one-year warranty for hardware failure. After one year, NatuEra may provide technical service for an additional fee, to be quoted upon request and inspection.

Monthly SaaS fees include software support, fixes, and updates during the contract.

We recommend only using authorized technicians to avoid software or hardware damage.

If a non-authorized technician services the software or hardware, the warranty will be voided.

Other terms and conditions may apply under the Master Service Agreement.

Our Customer Service hours are business days from 8AM to 5PM Central Time.

You can reach us by email at support@natuera.com or phone at 1-888-628-0322. We will respond within 24 hours on the next available business day.

For SLA times, please refer to our Master Service Agreement 


Changes & Upgrades

  • If I use the Silver (CBD Only) software version, can I upgrade to the Gold Version?

On a hardware level, you’ll need to change your current payment device for a PIN debit device. We can provide a quote for this.

On a software level, you may upgrade by paying the difference between the software version you’re using and the one you’d like to switch to.

This update is done via cloud.

Keep in mind, the date of availability of certain advanced features may vary depending on the timeline of our integration pipeline with leading POS Systems.

New POS integrations will not have additional costs to customers.

  • If I use the Gold Software, can I upgrade to Platinum?

On a hardware level, you are ready to go.

Our software can be integrated with any POS System that has an API (Application Programming Interface). Our current integration time for new POS integrations is at maximum 90 days. New integrations will not have additional costs to customers.

On a software level, once integrated to your POS system, we will be able to capture online orders and deliver products in the Smart Vending Machine. You can upgrade by paying the difference between the software versions.

If you’d like to modify your machine model mid-contract, please email us at sales@natuera.com and we’ll look into your case.

If you’re using a POS system to comply with State reporting requirements, that functionality is automatically done once the Smart Vending Machine is connected to your POS system. Please email us to check our POS integration timeline.

Our standard cannabis dispensary software has been developed to connect to leading POS systems, allowing for the recording and/or reporting of purchase amounts, as applicable.

Once the Smart Vending Machine is connected to your POS system, data on cannabis product purchases will be sent to the POS system, who will then transmit information to the State.

Availability dates may vary. Please email us to check our POS integration timeline.